Monday, August 29, 2011

Officially homeowners...

Closing day came and went and we are officially home-owners! Settling in has had its challenges, but waking up in the morning and walking around my GIANT house (not just feels GIANT) is sooo fun! We've been here about a week and we have installed our in-ground electric fence for the pups, come up with some sort of sprinkler system to water the lawn and painted one room. And for those of you on the edge of your seat...the sofa is almost reupholstered! A couple more cushions to go and the project will be complete. (I know you can't wait for pictures). This week I've also started watching a baby boy while his mom goes to school. He and Claire are becoming besties, and no worries because in my GIANT house there is room for all of us! Tonight we will be painting mucho of the casa and tomorrow we have our first dinner guests. There are so many fun projects I can't wait to start, but first I have to get through.....all the boring stuff - like unpacking boxes and doing laundry. Boo. So the next person that tells me its too hot outside to do cardio will have to come unpack with me (inside). I can give you an amazing workout!

The fantasy football draft was last night. Yes, I plan fantasy football - with Chris, of course. We did absolutely no prep for the draft until the day of, at which point Claire decided to completely change her personality and become the fussiest baby in the world until precisely twenty minutes after the draft was over. Our house was so chaotic...for all I know we drafted 10 quarterbacks and 5 kickers. I should probably log on and check on that. Until next time, thanks for reading and I'm serious....if you need some cardio.....I can hook. you. up! Peace.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


 First I must apologize. I violated the first rule of blogging...consistency. I've been on vacation for the past week and as many of you reminded me...I was not blogging. Colorado was a-mazing. So beautiful, so cold...I almost forgot the misery of Texas heat. I was actually inspired to wake up this morning and go for a walk. 30 seconds in, I realized I wasn't in Colorado anymore and fifteen minutes later I called it quits. Yesterday, I decided to tackle a project that has long since intimated the crap out of me...reupholstering. Now most people would start with something a chair cushion, or for the really brave maybe even a chair itself. What did I start with??? our sofa. I made the mistake of reading an article on-line that made this sound like an afternoon project you could do with a glass of wine in your hand. Let me just say. It's not. So I've entitled this blog entry deupholstering. Because that is as far as I have made it. 48 hours and about 20 million staples removed later, all of the fabric is off my couch (see photo below). Did I mention my right hand is throbbing and shaped like a claw? For anyone who ever thought reupholstery was over priced....I promise, those people work for every penny of it. However, worth it or not we do not have said pennies, therefore I am tackling this on my own. I got a little packing crazy before we left for va-ca and I have nothing to do until Friday when we close on our house. That being said, I'm sure I can whip this couch together by then. Stay tuned, and next time you see me look out for the claw.....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blue bathroom...

okay so the blue bathroom is going to be a total rehaul. Everything is going. The only thing staying is the built in cabinets which will get new hardware and a coat of paint. I strongly believe bathrooms should be neutral. They should be clean, relaxing and simple, and in this case...budget friendly. :) Below are some pics of the bathroom as is and some of my ideas for the reno. Whether it will go according to plan remains to be seen, but I hope you enjoy the process along with me. and by you I mean the two people that actually read my blog. :) Thank you!!

So this is the current state of the bathroom. For the people out there who think that color-themed bathrooms are the grooviest thing in the world, I applaud you. I think they are groovy other people's houses. ;) So here are some sketches I drew of the new layout. The header above the tub is coming out, but other than that it's much the same.

now for the fun part. Inspiration pictures. :)

I'm torn between this tile floor and something a little more metallic, dark and modern. I think this might help preserve the "charm" of the original bathroom. Pros and cons either way. The white subway tile in this pic will be the main component of the tub/shower with new fixtures and a drop in bathtub. I love this sink console, but finding one in my pricerange has been a little tricky. We might have to get creative on that one. :) I found this great light fixture at schoolhouse electric. It comes in a darker shade that I think will be perfect around the mirror here. I won't bore you with all the details, these are just a few of my favs. Have I mentioned I'm a little obsessed with black and white? I think in this case less is more. The bathroom itself is small enough that clean lines and a simple color palette are going to go a long way. I can't wait to get in there and start the demo. Say a prayer and if you know anyone who wants a blue toilet...I can hook them up fo sho.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A place for Claire.

...guess who's lost 3 pounds! :) ME! Now I just need to do that again times ten. I've been thinking about the nursery in the new house and I'm slightly obsessed with wallpaper. But...I know I have commitment issues when it comes to color. One day I'm in love with it, the next I just want a white wall. Not to mention the fact that wallpaper is pricy, and very taste specific. So instead, I'm thinking one of two options. 1) Just make one (maybe more) wallpaper decals to brighten up the room (see photo below) or 2) Stencil on some faux wallpaper (cost $30 vs $250). Opinions please!!

Favorite option for Claire's Room