Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dating...from out to up. A work in progress.

So....the projects have been plentiful and the number of things on my half-done list seems to be growing in the wrong direction. I get nervous to update the blog when a project is only partially done, but as a good friend reminded me, it's the process that makes it interesting. So..let's catch up.

Project(s) completed:

Reupholstering the headboard for what will be the guest bedroom (as is currently our bedroom). You've seen this dwell studio fabric before on a post I wrote. Loving it every bit as much now as I did then. :)

This is Claire's room. The giraffe has yet to go up on the wall, but progress has been made. You can see a close-up here of the fabric I used to make the curtains. Pretty in pink.

Project(s) in progress:

First an update on that old mantle I bought off of craigslist. It has been stripped, sanded, primed and painted. We still have to do the tile inlay to make it look legit.

I decided to embrace my impulsiveness and love of painting and move outside the house to the banister on the front porch. Which I painted white...and then black. And then decided I hated it. But I thought maybe I could save it by painting the door black too. It got a little better....but not great. We drove by a house that had their window trim painted to match their front door, so I started to paint our window trim black and then decided I really hated that. I'm thinking black shutters might tie it all in. Or maybe just scrap it all and find another color, but stay tuned. Our house could be a rainbow before this is all done, in which case we will be handing out skittles for Halloween.

The one you've all been waiting for.....the sofa. I just want you to know reupholstering has become a dirty word to me. Please don't use it in my presence. Of all the projects I have tackled in my life from changing the alternator in our car to ripping off someone's roof....this one takes the cake, and for the moment it has the best of me. The sofa is a cushion and a half shy of being finished, and after realizing I sewed the last cushion backwards, I've decided to take a few days and come back to it. But I will leave you with a progress pic as long as the next time you see me you don't ask me how it's going.

Last but not least, I know you're expecting to hear an update on the blue bathroom, but we have decided it would make more sense to tackle the pink bathroom first. And thank God, because that much pink is giving me a headache. So...yesterday we officially started demolition. We're taking it slow because I'm pretty sure Chris would have a heart attack if I started smashing everything with a sledge hammer. Yesterday we shut off the plumbing to the bathroom and removed the sinks. If you know anyone who wants some retro pink sinks they are sitting in our garage and they are yours. Keep checking back for updates, and thanks for reading. I love getting to write this blog for everyone!!