Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keep breathing...

So things are starting to get a little stressful. Our apartment is filled with boxes (most of which are only half-packed because I can't decide what I might need in the next 2 weeks), it's been a struggle to get Claire on a feeding routine not to mention my own new feeding routine....which is basically telling myself NO all day long. Etsy orders are piling up and our weekend trip to my parent's house was the opposite of peace and relaxation.

It's moments like these when I dive into a dunkin' donuts cup of coffee (don't hate) and attempt a moment of perspective. As crazy as life is, we are finally getting our first home and it's only a couple weeks away (which I know - feels like an eternity). We have a sweet baby girl who makes me laugh - I don't know - a million times a day. Life is o-kay. And I haven't even mentioned my awesomesauce husband who is freakin hot. So. Nuff said. Stress is for dummies.

We got our official fantasy football invite today (thanks Mr. Garth). I know I am probably the only wife in the world excited about fantasy football, but WHY?! It's sooooo much fun. Chris and I are already planning our draft picks, so you better watch out A Ballstars. It's goin' down on the south side. what.

My project today for the new house was fence ideas. Wood or electric? Keep in mind we've got two pups and a budget the size of this [ ]. Literally, if it doesn't fit between those two brackets - it's too expensive. If anyone has some ideas let me know. Meanwhile I'll be in the kitchen eating my dinner, which is also this size [ ] so that someday my hips will also be this size [ ] too. :)