Friday, July 29, 2011

Guest bedroom inspiration

With the move looming, my mind is going crazy these days with design ideas. I was watching project runway tonight and I fell in love with one of the girls rooms at Atlas. I'm thinking future master bedroom design. I love the vintage yellow (who doesn't?) paired with a darker neutral on the walls. Right off the bat I knew I recognized the fabric. It took me about 30 minutes to track down where I'd seen it before. Dwell Studio. 2 yards of fabric should do it for my future home made upholstered headboard. I already have the lamp, white duvet cover and white curtains. A chic mirror and a couple cans of paint and I will have officially snagged this look. I seriously can't wait!

This has been a week of housing inspiration. First stop Holley C's casa where vintage meets inspiration. She has such vision for spaces full of potential. She finds the perfect balance of comfort and class, and everywhere I went I felt at home. Yesterday I found my way over to Holly H's house for a quick visit with Claire. I've got to say I loved everything about her design. From the countertops to the tile to the paint color, Holly's inspiration is one with my own. So many of our friends seem to be moving into new houses or doing major renovations on their current house. I am so excited to jump on that bandwagon and see what the Cagle's come up with for our new pad, and by Cagle's I mean me and my mother-in-law. Chris has only two opinions, "I hate it," and "it's okay." But I prefer to think of his apathy as full confidence and blind trust in my taste and opinions. :) Thank you honey!