Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I know you've been holding your breath....

Here they finally are. The finished master bathroom photos. It was a lot of work, but we're so happy with how everything turned out!! Our budget was $5,000 and we came in at $4,920. We completely gutted the space, meaning walls to the studs and floors to the foundation. We added all new fixtures, ran new electricity and completely overhauled the existing plumbing. My favorite parts of the space would be the quartz countertop, backsplash and our amazing rain shower head! Hope you love the pictures, meanwhile, we've been busy on other projects - so expect more updates soon! 

 Just so you don't have to flip back, here's a couple of before pictures:

Here's the after:

So as you know we finished the whole project without hiring any professional help! This vanity is a custom-built that my mom made in her shop! Can you say mother of the year award. The hardware and lighting are from myknobs.com, and the rest of this space is brought to you by Lowe's and Home depot.

These wood blinds were $26 at Home Depot, and they made such a huge difference!! The shelves are simple little additions from Target. Cute, but I wouldn't put my library on them!! I bet Ikea ones would be stronger. :)

You can see a little of the shower curtain here which I made form Dwell Studio fabric. We added a curved shower rod which makes our shower feel huge!

Our "rain" shower head from Delta! This was one our splurges, but it is amazing! Also the handle for the shower head holds it temperature setting which means no more guessing where it should go - just turn on the pressure and you're done!
Thanks to all our friends and family that helped with inspiration, lending a paintbrush and much needed encouragement when the project became a little overwhelming!