Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Halloween Costume for Claire.

So I decided to make a Halloween costume for Claire this year instead of buying one. I was planning on sewing some grand costume, when I saw this idea on Martha Stewart. All it took was a white onsie, some coffee filters and a glue gun to put together. Then I added a couple of little touches with some ribbon and fabric. All in all...I think she's going to be the cutest angel ever! We'll have to get a better pic for later, but you get the idea for now. I think I'm going to make matching wings for the dogs, so stay tuned. On a completely unrelated note. If you live in Nacogdoches and feel like dropping by my house to take a couple swings at my bathroom with the sledge hammer...feel free. The excitement of demolition is waning and my back is killing me. :)