Monday, July 18, 2011

lately i've been using this website called it is awesome! it takes a little while to set up, but once you get your recipes plugged in, you can plan your meals for the week and it compiles your grocery list for you. love love love. right now i'm making birthday cake pops (thanks Britt) like the ones at Starbucks (minus the $2.50). hope they turn out yummy!

the mantle is going well, we have our first coat of paint on and it's already looking fly (yes, with it).

...i've been thinking a lot about god today. i think this is the first time in my life that i've truly known the meaning and the power of rest. god has been immeasurably good to our family. he continues to bless us beyond what we ask for and in ways we don't even know how to ask. crazy right?

stay tuned. i'm making an emeril lagasse pizza recipe tonight. never made a pizza crust before and i'm making it for the first time for my in-laws. what was I thinking? :) if the recipe rocks like i know it's going to i'll post it for everyone. or if you sign up for i can send it to you there! have a great day everyone. and if you have any tips for homemade pizza hit me up.