Friday, July 15, 2011

so. we're getting ready to move into our first house! all 5 of us (2 dogs included). i know our pups abby and archie will love having a yard and chris and i will love having a house of our very own. claire is only 4 months old...and lets be honest - she won't know the diff. we are T-35 days to moving and we have a lot to do.

yesterday i bought a faux mantle off of craigslist for $30 and i spent the last hour of daylight today trying to strip the 900 layers of paint off that came with it. i got through about 3. this half-way finished project is chillin in my driveway where i hope no one steals it tonight. somebody say a prayer. :)

Getting Started

my situation: a career-minded 24 year-old turned mother of 1 (claire) and housewife of 1 (chris)
my ambition: to be passionate. to love people. to ultimately redefine growing up.

this blog is a little bit of everything. i'm hoping to inspire myself as much if not more than anyone who might read along. i have a lot to say and mistakes to make, but i'm a risk-taker and i'm puttin my chips on the table.