Thursday, July 21, 2011

we are officially a one-car family. it's a little scary, but we wanted the equity out of our current cars to pay off debt without sinking ourselves with a scary new monthly payment.

mission accomplished. we have a new volkswagen tiguan, an extra 6 digits in the bank and the task of learning how to share a car. chris has a really bad habit of leaving loose change laying around everywhere. litterally - all over the car, the house, other people's houses. i think if we added up all the discarded change he would have accumulated in the past 30 years we could retire. or should i say - he could retire. i've already "retired".

i do; however, own a little shop on i started it on a whim just to see if i could make a little extra cash, but it has become a full-blown side business. i mostly sell digital art and burp cloths. i've had seven orders this week which reminds me.... i really need to get sewing.

as for monday's pizza night. a-mazing. homemade crust - not as hard as it sounds. i think everyone reading this should pick one of their favorite dishes and google a home-made recipe and make it tonight. we seriously need to rediscover the art of cooking. speaking of food - Claire is starting solids this week. claire is our 4-month old. i think friday night will be the big reveal beans. pretty lame if you ask me. i think your first food ever should be something amazing like steak or cheesecake or a cake pop. our pediatrician has assured me that's not how it works....... so green beans it is! as long as she doesn't eat them in the new car.

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