Sunday, July 24, 2011

if i had a glee t-shirt, it would read "fat"

so life has been all about overcoming obstacles lately and the latest one I want to tackle is a little scary. drum roll weight. i was super nervous to write about wanting to loose weight in my blog (my stomach is kind of sick even now), because (omg) that would be admitting i'm fat. then it occured to me. it's kind of obvious. it's not like some state secret that i'm not a size 6. i have struggled with my weight my whole life. it's soooo frustrating and i know i'm not alone. it seems like 2 out of 3 people i know have the same issue. i go through periods of eating great, working out and loosing weight, then i slip back into bad habits - don't care for a while and then have nights like tonight where i just want to lock up my fridge and not eat for 3 weeks.'s so frustrating. i need some motivation to trim down and i just can't seem to catch the right wave of positive thinking, but alas i am going to put on my big girl pants (literally), suck it up and try again. SO if you see me - ask me how it's going. PLEASE. and if you see me with a cookie - throw it on the ground and stomp on it. then i will know you are really my friend.

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