Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dining room switcheroo...

So here's an update on our dining room. As some of you know, we've overhauled a lot of the original floor plan to our house, including the kitchen, living room, dining room, master suite, etc. All that to say, in our before pics - this space was more or less a corner with a chair. It took some vision, but the project is finally finished. We built new wainscoting last weekend to give the space a little uniqueness. It is a part of our "great room" now - so it needed a little style of it's own. Hope you enjoy!
So here was the original space. Before this room was the dining room on one end (now the living room) and a seating area on this end (now the dining room). I know it's a little confusing. That door to the left is the front door to the house, so I wanted this space to really set the tone for the house. As much as I loved these original hardwood floors, when we expanded this room to include the kitchen, the hardwood ran into concrete slab. I knew trying to harmonize two different floor types would make these spaces feel disjointed, so we installed a floating laminate floor over both spaces. The bonus is that it's super puppy and baby friendly and doesn't have a single scratch yet!


So for the most part this project was minimal. The flooring was part of our kitchen budget and the rug we repurposed from the living room of our old apartment. We went with mismatched chairs (super budget friendly) and painted them all the same color. The wainscoting should have cost us about $235, but we dug through the garage for leftover supplies from other projects to return and whoola...$42. I built and installed the wainscoting on a Friday, and the Chris puttied and painted over the weekend. I love that it was such a simple project. I have a feeling it might find it's way into a few more spaces in our house. :)

So our centerpiece still needs a little work. I just threw together a few items from the rest of the house to give the table a little warmth.

Here's a sneak peak of our living room.....shhhh.

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  1. Hey girl! You've got such a cute home and an equally cute blog! I love it. Mimi gave me those same little birdie salt and pepper shakers for Christmas and everyone I know is jealous of them. Aren't they just adorable?