Friday, September 2, 2011

Budgeting: DIY pest control and Toygaroo

So. New house = new budget and my tasks today were to find some new toys for Claire and figure out how much pest control costs (we've never had to pay for it before). So step 1 was calling Orkin, Terminex, and a local place....basically the only services I've ever heard of, and it didn't take long for me to realize pest control is stinkin' expensive. Too expensive; if you know me at know I have a HUGE fear of bugs, but there's nothing like a budget gap to help you overcome your fears so.....I googled until I found I called their 800 number and talked for about 30 minutes to a man who I'm pretty sure lives only to kill insects. 40 dollars later I should have enough poison on the way to last me a year. :) That was the easy part. Actually doing the pest control....well, I'll let you know how it goes.

The next task for the day was some new toys for Claire. There are about a million toys to choose from and before I knew it my shopping cart was over $100. At which point I emptied it and decided to try a different Someone once told me this was the Netflix of toys. Let me just say this site is A-mazing! You pay a monthly subscription price and you rent toys. Your child plays with the toy, gets bored with the toy and you send it back. Your house is never filled with old toys your child doesn't even play with anymore. And, these are top of the line toys. Baby Einstein, Fisher Price...some of these toys retail for over $60. Money I will never have to spend. So thank you For less than $30/month, my child will always have new toys and my house will never be a museum of lost toys. I have a feeling Woody and Buzz Lightyear would be proud. :)

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